Shell Styles for Beltone Hearing Aids

The outer shell is the first of the two main parts of a hearing aid (the other being the circuit) and it makes up the overall look of the Beltone hearing aids. Below is a list of our currently available shell styles.

Shell Styles

Beltone Touch™

Beltone Touch takes advantage of the anatomy of your ear to provide more natural sound quality and amplification.

Touch 3d illustration.jpg


Tiny and feather-light, Beltone Marq is the smallest and most cosmetically transparent hearing instrument in its class.


A virtually invisible "open" hearing instrument design that amplifies the hard-to-hear high-pitched sounds, while allowing all other sounds to enter your ear naturally.


An easy-to-use miniature behind-the-ear (BTE) instrument, designed to be practically undetectable in use.


This in-the-ear (ITE) instrument combines improved cosmetics with optimal power and sound quality.

Opera Plus™

This in-the-canal (ITC) instrument is the perfect union of power and style.

Petite Plus™

One of our smallest custom-made instruments, it’s also a high-performance digital instrument.


This completely-in-the-canal (CIC) instrument is our "hidden hearing aid" because once it’s in place, it’s virtually invisible.