Beltone Hearing Aid Circuitry

The inner circuitry is an important part of a hearing aid, and determines the type of technology we use.


Beltone True 17™

Beltone True’s one-of-a-kind wireless technology gives wearers more freedom. Our advanced manufacturing processes keep True working like new. And, our new integrated circuit is Beltone’s fastest—and most powerful—ever!


Beltone Reach’s automatic features make it easy to hear better in practically any environment.

Beltone Touch 17™

Beltone Touch 17, an exciting new design that takes advantage of the anatomy of your ear to provide more natural sound quality and amplification.


Beltone One helps you hear speech more clearly, even in noisy situations.


Beltone Identity gives you the latest technology, to help you be part of the conversation again.


Beltone Change gives you the latest technology, to help you hear better, no matter where you are.


Beltone Access offers an extensive set of benefits and styles to fit most hearing losses and lifestyles.


The Beltone EDGE Collection combines the popular Open design with our latest technology to help you hear comfortably and naturally.


The Beltone Turn digital BTE family offers features to help you easily and effectively adjust your hearing aids to your personal needs.


Beltone Mira uses advanced digital technology to help keep sounds comfortable.